Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.

Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

NEWEST WEBQUEST: Exploring the Renaissance(A Webquest/Extension Activities)


I found webquests to be a wonderful learning tool. That's why I continue to develop them even now that I am retired from teaching. As with all my web quest,(I used to write them for Scholastic's Instructor Magazine), I try to include lots of information in the question as well so students don't need to have any prior knowledge on the topic before doing the resource. Here is an example of what I mean:

1. The word, Renaissance comes from a French word meaning____________.The renaissance began in the of country _____________.Many of the crusaders returned to this country from the Holy Lands to cities such as Venice, Florence, Milan and Genoa. It was this country where Marco Polo returned from China and where he wrote his book about his travels to China. Trading from all the travelers that came to these cities made many people wealthy. Some used their money to support the arts hiring people like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to create works of art. What invention helped to spread ideas and sparked the renaissance?____________________ Find the answers at this link: renaissance.html

Just finished a new and fact pack webquest on the Renaissance. I really think it will be of value to anyone that teaches this topic. There are 10 web questions and 15 extension activities. I have also started to include comprehension questions to review the entire webquest lesson. Although the webquests can be one class period, they could be used over a couple of days depending on the number of extension activities you chose to use.
Hot off the presses:

Off to work on the next webquest on Mt. Everest and Nepal!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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