Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.

Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am written a new children book series.(about 17 pages with colorful illustrations). Purple Turtle has lots of friends. There is Roxy the chameleon,Biggy Bear, a stuttering rabbit named Zing. Other friends include Freddy the frog, Fella the fish,Bob the Butterfly, Squirty the Squirrel, Walter the ant and Melody the bird.  In each Purple Turtle story, children learn a lesson.

Here are some of the titles:

Purple Learns to Use Less: Purple and his friends learn that each of us can help the planet in saving water.

Purple Meets Freddy at the Lily Pad: Purple meets Freddy at the lily pad. Freddy is very sad. His pond is littered with trash including soggy newspapers, a plastic milk jug and even an old sneaker. Purple and his friends set out to lend Freddy a hand to clean up the pond.

Roxy Learns to Swim:Purple suggests going swimming in the river to his friend, . Roxy says no and tells Purple why. Along comes a friendly fish named Fella who helps Purple solve Roxy's problem.

Purple's Birthday Party: Purple's friends are all excited because it's Purple's birthday. When Biggy breaks his ankle, he can't attend and is very disappointed. Purple has a great idea and shows that friendship is one of the very best gifts one can have.

Purple Turtle's Safari Adventure: Purple and his friends go on a safari to see some of the world's unique animals. They learn that many of the animals are in trouble. Can Purple and his friends do anything to help?

Purple Meets Dovey: Purple meets Dovey the Dove, while walking in the woods. A symbol of peace, the dove is sad that there is so much fighting in the world. Purple tries to find a way to make Dovey smile.

Purple and the Cupcakes: Purple brings cupcakes to the park to share with his friends. Leaving them on a log, the cupcakes are gone when the friends return from playing. Who took the cupcakes? Purple and his friends are surprised at just who did!

Purple and the Pumpkin Race: Purple, Zing and Biggy are excited about participating in the annual pumpkin race. After they carve out their pumpkin to sail, the race begins. Sounds like lots of fun but somehting goes very wrong!

Purple Meets the Monsters: Biggy invites Purple for a sleepover. When nighttiome comes, monsters come out frightening Biggy. How will Purple come to the rescue?

Grades 1-3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I am very excited about my news short stories for social studies!

Substitute Mrs. Purpilopolis brings her purple backpack filled with Purple Adventure Goggles and takes kids on an adventure to witness historical events. The stories are about 9-10 pages and present historical topics in a fun and very informative way.

The first adventure has students travel back to learn about the life of Alexander Graham Bell. While wearing the purple adventure goggles, the students are witnesses to history being able to see and hear history as it is happening. Lots of fun and informative information is presented in this short story.

* Discussion questions are included.

Use as an extension activity teaching American History, famous biographies or for a short reading in Language Arts. 

Extension Activities:
*A "Day in the Life "writing exercise pretending to be either Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Watson could be done where students include 4 facts learned in the reading.

*Students could also do an interview pretending to be Alexander Graham Bell and a reporter. These are just two suggestions as extension activities after using the short reading.

* Draw a purple picture of something in history!


*******Check out the demo:

Check out other adventures of Mrs. P:

Alexander Graham Bell:

George Washington:

The first Thanksgiving:

Grades 5 and up(maybe...4th depending on the level of readers)

Do you have any suggestions for historical adventures you might find of value to use with your students?

Gail Hennessey

Friday, July 12, 2013

In the News: A National Park is proposed for...the MOON!

A new national park is being considered by Congress but don't expect to visit it any time soon. That's because the proposed park is on the moon! Two congresswomen have sought to establish the lunar park at the area where the first Apollo manned space landing occurred back in 1969.
Why make a national park on the moon? There is concern that future space travelers might damage the site where footprints of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin can be found. Other items are also at the site including American flags, moon walking equipment and even a moon buggy. Due to a treaty signed by 101 countries, called the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, countries can not claim ownership of the moon so the bill proposes the site being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What do you think?

Discussion Questions:
What would you call the park?
Do you think this proposal  is a good idea?

Make a poster advertising for the national park on the moon. 

Resources for Kids about the moon: interesting video
lots of information for kids!

Fun Facts:
Did you know that we only see one side of the moon?
Did you know that in Japan, instead of the "man in the moon", it is the "rabbit in the moon"?
US Astronauts left six American flags on the moon.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Science to be Dropped from 5th Grade Curriculum???????????????

A colleague of mine just told me that in September, the fifth grade will not be offering the  teaching of science. I am totally shocked. The students will have LA, Math and Social Studies but science will not be a subject taught! I hope that when parents hear about this change, they will question and demand its inclusion back into the 5th grade curriculum. Critical thinking, problem solving,experimentation, learning about the universe, the oceans, microbes and, just the world in which we live are just some of the things that science brings to mind. I just don't understand how a school can rationalize doing away with the teaching of science in 5th grade. Any comments?