Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.

Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Replica King Tut Tomb to Open To Help Preserve Real Tomb. What do you think?

Visitors have had negative effects on the famous tomb of KingTutankhamun,discovered in 1922. All the oohs and ahs of visitors as they walk inside the tomb have caused moisture to form onto the tomb's walls and its paintings. Mold is also growing on the walls. Add to this, body heat and electric lighting are also taking a toll. Remember, the tomb was not meant to be a tourist destination but a burial place for Tutankhamun.  Egyptologists think they have come up with a way to help preserve King Tut's tomb...make a replica tomb!  This will be the first such construction in the Middle East.Constructed began in 2009 and used high tech laser scanning and 3 D printers to collect data to create an exact copy of the original tomb. It is hoped that visitors will get a similar experience of  the tomb without actually going into the 3,300 year old tomb. Unlike the "real" tomb where visitors are kept behind a railing, in the replica tomb, visitors will be able to move around and look at things up close.Currently, to protect King Tut's tomb from continued deterioration, only 160 people are allowed inside each week AND there is a three year waiting list! The idea of creating replica structures is not new. In France, few people are allowed into Lascaux Cave. Instead, a replica cave was created for visitors to enter.  The King Tut  replica tomb is expected to open in May.

*What do you think of this idea of creating a replica cave? Why?
* Do you think mummies should be on display in a museum or left in their tombs for tourists to see? * Write a persuasive paragraph on your position. Include at least 2 reasons for your position.
* If you were a mummy, what are 5 things you’d pack away for the afterlife. Why would you place these items in your tomb?

Did you know?
* The oldest mummies haven't been found in Egypt but in Chile and Peru?
* A mummified lion was found in Egypt!
* A mummified gerbil(with some food for the afterlife) was found in Egypt.
* During the mummy making process, the brain was thought to be of no value and thrown away.
* The heart, believed to be the center of intelligence and caring, was wrapped and replaced back into the mummy. Other organs were saved in special containers called canopic jars.
* King Tut's tomb was found to have licorice root, watermelon seeds and a box with underwear!
* The mummy of Pharaoh Ramsees 2 has a passport! It was required when it went from Egypt to France.

Extension Activity:
* Write a day in the life of a mummy on display in a museum. What do you hear? See? Smell? Feel?

SEE:Learn about mummies and specifically King Tut with this fun/informative play:

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