Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.

Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

No Photographs, Please!(INA)

No Photographs, Please!
One of the most beautiful countries to visit(in my humble opinion) is Switzerland. I remember visiting a small village(Murren) near Interlaken. There aren't any cars in Murren and to get there you need to take both a cable car and a cog train. Absolutely, a "Heidi" moment looking out at the mountains for the hotel window and hearing cow bells when off hiking. I recommend a visit if you are ever traveling in this area of Switzerland!

This news story caught my attention. I thought it might be a possible Interactive Notebook Activity, bell ringer, etc. With school winding down for many(and over for some), this writing prompt might be something to hold for when you return to classes.

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

A new law in the village of Berg√ľn/Bravuogn, in the Swiss Alps will surprise visitors. Photographs have been banned. Seems the village is so beautiful, town leaders are concerned that people seeing photographs posted by tourists might get depressed! Signs are posted in the tiny village near St. Moritz stating fines may be charged to those taking photographs.

For Students:

What are your thoughts on this news story?

Why might the village have really tried to do this?

Write three facts you know about the country of Switzerland.

Learn about Switzerland with this resource: 
Did you know that a Swiss man named Bertrand Piccard was the first person to circumnavigate the earth in a hot-air balloon? Did you know that the first chocolate bar was made in Switzerland back in 1819? Learn more about this mountainous country with this informative webquest on Switzerland!
Mapwork, 9 web questions, extension activities and key...

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