Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.

Thanks to Education World for use of my Mrs. Waffenschmidt illustration.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

World War 2 FEMALE Pilot's Wish to be Buried in Arlington Cemetery...DENIED. What do you think?

WHAT do YOU think about this news story?
Woman's family wants Arlington Cemetery to allow their WW2 pilot MOM to be allowed burial at this hallowed ground.
I found this news story very interesting, perhaps, you will, too. Posted this at my website under Bell Ringers and thought it might be of interest to use with your students.…

Elaine Harmon was one of 350,000 woman that served during World War 2. Harmon was part of the Women Air Force Service Pilots(WASP) and served as a pilot during the war. Women were needed to help when male pilots were in combat missions. Harmon was one of 1074 women who earned their pilots' licenses and “wings" to fly and were responsible for flying new planes from factories, over long distances to military bases. They also assisted in air gunner training missions by towing targets for the gunners to shoot.(Did I mention there was actually ammunition in the target practices?) Considered to be “civilians", Congress eventually granted the WASPs veteran status, in 1977, making them eligible to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. Over this time, women were allowed to have their ashes buried at the cemetery until last year when the Secretary of the Army, at the time, said women should never have been allowed buried in Arlington and took away their eligibility! When Harmon died last year, her wish was that her ashes be buried in Arlington Cemetery. At this time, the Army has denied the request for Harmon’s ashes to be buried at this honored cemetery for veterans. Arlington Cemetery says that space is limited. However, the rules state that " any former member of the Armed Forces who served on active duty and whose last service terminated honorably" can have their ashes buried at Arlington. 

What do you think?
Should all veteran’s who wish to be buried at Arlington be allowed this tribute?
Did you know that the women pilots during WW2 didn’t get insurance and, if killed, didn’t get any payment from the Army? A collection was taken by the other women pilots to help pay the expenses of sending the body home. What do you think of this?
Did you know that the WASP program was a “secret" for many years? It was feared that if the enemy knew women were flying planes during the war, it would appear that our country was weak and desperate. What do you think of this?

My opinion is that any women who served our country(there are less than 100 WASPs still alive) and who wish to be buried at Arlington, should be given this honor. 

Would love to year your thoughts!


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